Tono Travel Delicatessen


The secret back way to the home of the Kappa

Kappa are synonymous with Tono. Here you can wander down grass and dirt tracks that only the lo-cals know to try and find the elusive river sprites.

  • 01

    Tono Travel Delicatessen

    Time for a different kind of journey!

    15 mins by car

    Pick up some travel ideas you can only find here. Get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality or omotenashi.

    ■Location:Tono Travel Delicatessen
    ■Time:3 hours/person
    ■No. people: 2~5 people
    ■Cost: The secret back way to the home of the Kappa
          2200 yen

  • 02

    Arrive at the Karin Guesthouse.

    Feel the grass underfoot.

    Stimulate the five senses in ways you don’t get in daily life for new emotions and a feeling of content-ment. Off we go with Rinrin-san to find some kappa!

  • 03

    The thrill of crossing the handmade bridge.

    Feel the dirt

    Excited about where this path will take us.
    Walking over dirt and grass to make your own path.

  • 04

    Where are these kappa??


    Listen carefully for their sounds as they approach.
    There they are!

  • 05

    We found a kappa teahouse.

    Time to search

    Take a rest at the kappa teahouse. The adzuki red bean ice cream is delicious!
    You can also get locally hand-made treats and sou-venirs.

  • 06

    Could you make your own Legend of Tono?

    3 mins by car

    A drink to relax made by Rinrin-san. A unique and little strange experience. Take it home and tell your friends about your own Legend of Tono.

  • 07

    Denshoen Park

    Traditional Tono farmhouses, waterwheels, silk farming, folktales, gods…. This is a place where life and culture that once was normal has been preserved for future generations.

    ■Time: 30 mins