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Tono Hop Country Cycling Tour: Overnight Guided Tour

Tono Hop Country Cycling Tour: Overnight Guided Tour

Get to know Tono's hop country and spend a night at a traditioanl farmhouse.

Tour Offered: April 14-October 31
Group Size: 2-4
Reservation Deadline: 10 days prior by 16:00
Price: ¥18,500/person (tax included)
Start Time: 13:30 (day 1)
Meeting Location: Tono Travel Delicatessen
End Time: 9:30 (day 2)
Ending Location: Tono Travel Delicatessen

A local guide takes you on a journey cycling through old-town Tono, cruising gently through the beautiful farmland with small villages, hop farms, and rice fields along the way. At the destination farmhouse awaits craft beer, dinner, and a seasonal experience with your host(s).

  • 01

    Countryside Cycling 1

    Orientation & Cycling: 2 hours

    Bikes will be assigned following check-in at Tono Travel Delicatessen and a brief orientation.

    Located in Iwate prefecture, Tono is responsible for one-sixth of all hops produced in Japan. The town itself actively integrates the culture surrounding hop production into the experience of its visitors, both through locally produced beers as well as tours and other programs. With its distincitve history and stunning natural landscape, Tono is a true gem hidden in the Japanese countryside.

    The cycling trip begins in old-town Tono, continuing onto a well-maintained cycling path, which connects the town with the expansive mountainside village scenery. This course is a 13km ride in total, cruising along with the guide setting a pace gentle enough to take in all of the beauty.

    Meeting Location: Tono Travel Delicatessen (2-3 Shinkokucho, Tono, Iwate)

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    Countryside Cycling 2

    Between July and August leading up to the harvest season, the hops grow into a tall, beautiful colums forming an expansive green curtain. After cruising by the hop farms, the bike ride continues offering a spectacular view of the village lifestyle changing with the seasons.

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    Farmhouse Rest Stop and Jam Making

    Free Time & Activities: 2 hours 45min

    After the 13km bike ride we arrive at Tsukushi Farm, where 1300 blueberry trees are cultivated alongside a dog run, restaurant, and inn. Enjoy a freshly made smoothie while the blueberry jam ingredients are prepared (April-June, August-October; alternatives offered in July). Take the free time before dinner to enjoy the countryside: take a leisurely stroll, relax on the deck, and soak up the fresh air.

    The mountain bikes are picked up here at the inn. Any personal belongings left at Tono Travel Delicatessen upon check-in will be delivered at this time.

    Location: Tsukushi Farm
    *Alternative location and experiences will be planned for the month of July.

  • 04

    Farmhouse Dinner & Craft Beer

    Enjoy a farm-to-table dinner at Tsukushi Farm along with craft beers from Tono. The inn is reserved exclusively for the tour group. After breakfast the next morning, transportion will be arranged to return to Tono Travel Delicatessen.

    Location: Tsukushi Farm Restaurant & Inn

    Arriving at Tono Travel Delicatessen at 9:30 on the following morning after breakfast.

    Tour Details:
    ・Offered: April 14-October 31
    ・Meeting Location: Tono Travel Delicatessen (2-3 Shinkokucho, Tono, Iwate 028-0514)
    ・Meeting Time: 13:00
    ・Tour Duration: 13:00 (Day 1) - 9:30 (Day 2) *This is an overnight program.
    ・Ending Location: Tono Travel Delicatessen (Same as meeting location)
    ・Tour Capacity: 2-4 participants (Age: 12+)
    ・Price: ¥18,500 (Includes mountain bike, helmet, poncho, guide fees, drinks, lodging, and insurance)
    ・Please bring comfortable atheletic shoes, a bottle of water, and a mask.
    ・Biking Distance: 13km
    ・Electric bike can be rented instead for + ¥500.
    ・A guide will be present at all times.

    【Registration】Regristration dates to be published shortly.

    【Please Note】
    The majority of this tour takes place on a bicycle. Before registration, please make sure all participants are capable of riding a bicycle.

    The tour itinerary may be altered or cancelled due to poor weather conditions, insufficient number of participants, or for other reasons previously unforeseeable if determined to be in the best interest of participant(s) or staff.

    Cancellation Policy (Details will be made available shortly.)

    Due to circumstances related to COVID-19, programs may be cancelled or altered, and participation from certain locations may be restricted.

    【Cautionary Measures】
    A mask may be required for participation.

    Participants' temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Those with a high temperature may be withheld from participation.

    Participants experiencing a fever or symptoms of illness are kindly asked to refrain from participation.

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