Tono Travel Delicatessen

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Aims of the Privacy Policy

The aim of these policies is to ensure secure information protection to give customers continues safety and security.

2.About the information we will keep

  • (1)Information we receive from the customer
    This shall include customer name, address, phone number, email address, gender, other information the customer fills into the forms as required by us, other information filled in the form by our staff based on requests from the customer and other information necessary for the provision of services.
  • (2)Information received from third parties that have been granted appropriate rights by the customer to the information
    This shall include information of the customer that is gained from parties that lawfully received the customer information and with appropriate rights to that information, such as applicants for the services, introduction companies, intermediaries, related companies, companies or individuals acting as the liaison for packaged products, and so on.

3.Purpose of use of information

Information received from the customer shall be used for the following purposes

  • 1)Contact the customer for reservation confirmations and similar actions
  • 2)To provide the customer with the services, products and information
  • 3)For marketing purposes
  • 4)For analysis to improve products and services
  • 5)To send surveys to the customer for the continuous improvement of our organization
  • 6)To request compliance with usage terms and conditions use for services provided over the organization’s website and mobile services
  • 7)To protect the customer and services provided over the organization’s website and mobile services
  • 8)Other purposes clearly disclosed to the customer

4.Handling of information

  • (1) Information received from the customer shall be managed appropriately and with due care and required and reasonable safety controls will be utilized to prevent the risk of divulsion, loss, misuse, alteration of or unauthorized access to the customer’s information.
  • (2)A portion of the customer’s information is handled by third parties for the improvement of our services and for the convenience to the customer. In these cases we will direct and monitor the relevant third parties to ensure the customer’s information is managed appropriately.

5.Disclosure and provision of to third parties

Customer’s information will not be disclosed or provided to an external third party except under the following conditions:

  • (1)The customer consents to such disclosure or provision;
  • (2)Disclosure or provision is required by law or regulation;
  • (3)In cases where required to protect life or assets and where it is difficult to get the consent of the customer;
  • (4) When required for public health and to ensure children’s healthy development and where it is difficult to get the consent of the customer;
  • (5)When the company is required by laws or regulations to cooperate with the operations of a national government body or local public body, and notification to the customer or announcement of the purpose of use is likely to interfere with the performance of those operations;
  • (6)Disclosure and provision to external contractors to the extent required to provide services to the customer;

6.Compliance with laws and regulations

To ensure robust protection of personal information our organization complies with all relevant personal information protection laws, regulations and guidelines.


Please contact below for any and all opinions, questions and complaints concerning the handling of your information.

8.Revision of the Privacy Policy

These policies may be revised from time to time when there are suitable and appropriate modifications to the way user information is handled. Any changes will be disclosed on the organization website. These changes will come into effect from the time the revised Privacy Policy is made public on the organization’s website.