Tono Travel Delicatessen

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

​You’ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality, or `Omotenashi`.
You will meet interesting locals and have wonderful experiences only available at the Tono Travel Delicatessen.


Choose a course

40 minute souvenir course

The “kind of strange 40-minute souvenir” course

These souvenirs are a little different to all the others you can get in Tono.
Discover the town and pick up some of these unique souvenirs along the way!

  • 01

    Chiba Furniture

    You’ll get a small wooden souvenir after being guided through some Tono folk art and furniture.

    Walking time: 8 mins

    This shop has 70 years history making furniture and each piece is individually hand crafted by the experienced artisans in the unique Tono folk-craft style. The lady owner of the shop will take you through the history of folk furniture in Tono as well as some of the details of each piece. There are also some small wooden souvenirs available here. Go through the path to the back of the store to see what you will find!

    ■Location: Chiba Furniture 11-5 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time: 15 mins/person

  • 02

    Uga Shrine

    Get an omikuji fortune telling slip at Uga Shrine

    Walking time: 1 min

    Uga Shrine is a quiet little Shinto shrine hidden away in a town with many shrines and temples. The locals call it Unnan-sama and is one of the shrines they often go to. Get daikichi – the best fortune possible – from the quaint omikuji vending machine.

    ■Location:Uga Shrine: 1-18 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:5 mins/person

  • 03

    Matsuda Plant Nursery

    Get some family farmed sprout seeds

    Walking time: 2 mins

    A plant nursery and seed shop with a wonderful nat-ural scent where you’ll be able to get all kinds of flowers, seeds and seedlings. The owners provide wonderful service and are helpful with all kinds of questions and queries. You’ll also get some easy to grow sprout seeds as a present.

    ■Location:Matsuda Plant Nursery: 6-27 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:10 mins/person

  • 04

    The Ikehata Millstone; Story no. 27 from "The Legends of Tono"

    A story from "The Legends of Tono" to take with you on your journeys.

    Walking time: 10 mins

    The tale of the Ikehata Millstone is about a millstone that produces gold.

    ■Location:The Ikehata Millstone; Story no. 27 from "The Legends of Tono"
    ■Time:5 mins/person

  • 05

    Tono Station

    Tono’s river sprites, or Kappa as they are known are red!

    Tono is the home to many kappa myths, and you can find some statues of them gathered around a pond in front of Tono station.

    ■Location: In front of Tono Station
    ■Time:2 mins/user