Tono Travel Delicatessen

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

​You’ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality, or `Omotenashi`.
You will meet interesting locals and have wonderful experiences only available at the Tono Travel Delicatessen.


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2-hour course

“Learn, walk and eat” course that follows "The Legends of Tono"

Tono is filled with places where you can feel the mysterious world of "The Legends of Tono".
Walk the town to explore the mysterious remnants that bring to life the world of "The Legends of Tono".

  • 01

    Street of Folktales

    Search for the 10 copper statues! Try and find the mischievous Zashiki-warashi hidden child spirits and Tengu goblins.

    Walking time: 10 mins

    The street from the station to the municipal museum is known by the name “Street of Folktales”. Starting with the kappa river sprites in front of the station, you can also see engravings and etchings of the main characters from a lot of Japanese folktales, such as Princess Oyayubi, Momotaro and others.

    ■ Location:
    ■ Time: 5 mins/person

  • 02

    Tono Municipal Museum

    This is the place to learn everything you need to know about Tono!

    Walking time: 2 mins

    The first place to visit to learn about Tono’s history, nature and lifestyle, as well as about “The Legends of Tono”. You can take a guided tour where the guide can tell you all of the insider stories about the exhibits as well as any dark and mysterious thing you want to know about Tono. There is also a theatre where children can enjoy watching cartoon about The Legends of Tono.

    ■Location:Tono Municipal Museum: 3-9 Higashidate-cho, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:50 mins/person

  • 03

    Old Takazen Ryokan

    Meet Dr. Kunio Yanagita – famous for "The Legends of Tono"

    Walking time: 8 mins

    This is an old inn that was deeply connected to the writing of "The Legends of Tono". Now repurposed as the Tono Folktale and Storytelling Center, we can learn about his life and where he went while he stayed in Tono.

    ■Location:Old Takazen Ryokan; 2-11 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:5 mins/person

  • 04

    The Temple of Remedies

    This is where you can hear "The Legends of Tono from an official storyteller who happens to specialize in traditional medicines.

    Walking time: 3 mins

    A great place to here some ancient stories in the Tono-the home of folktales. This is a traditional pharmacist where you can hear tales told by an official storyteller. It is a building and a shop filled with the essence of Tono. The stories of Tono that have been handed down through the generations is like a medicine for your mind.

    ■Location:The Temple of Remedies; 4-10 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:10 mins/person

  • 05

    Kura-no-michi Square

    Make the short pilgrimage to Yasaka Shrine. Sur-rounded by rice stores, or kura, it appears in story no. 63 in The Legends of Tono.

    Walking time: 3 mins

    Yasaka Shrine is in front of Kura-no-michi Square in the center of Tono – hidden by a large yew tree called “Ukko” by the locals. The earthen rice store in front of the temple is particularly striking, as are the 4 Inari Shrines to the right of the main Shrine. Yasaka Shrine appears in Legend No. 63 of The Legends of Tono.

    ■Location:Kura-no-michi Square, Yasaka Shrine
    ■Time:5 mins/person

  • 06


    Eat some traditional Japanese sweets inspired by "The Legends of Tono".

    This is an old Japanese and western confectionary shop founded in the first year of the Taisho era. Here you will be served Japanese tea and can try some of the excellent sweets, as well as get some take home souvenirs. The lady owner of the shop also speaks English.

    ■Location:Chikurindo; 11-3 Chuodori, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:10 mins/person