Tono Travel Delicatessen

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

​You’ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality, or `Omotenashi`.
You will meet interesting locals and have wonderful experiences only available at the Tono Travel Delicatessen.


Choose a course

2 days / 1 night course

10 Styles of Tono – Style 1: Kappabuchi Pool and wandering the back paths

Make your own Legend of Tono wandering the little paths and tracks only the locals know. Walk down the dirt and grass paths working where to go next as you go. We can go exploring for kappa together. Light a fire at night and eat with the locals.

  • 01

    Tono Travel Delicatessen

    Time for a different kind of journey!

    Approx. 15 mins by car

    Pick up some travel ideas you can only find here. ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality or omotenashi.

    ■Location:Tono Travel Delicatessen
    ■Time:half day per person
    ■No. people: 2~4 people

  • 02

    Arrive at the Karin Guesthouse.

    Feel the grass underfoot.

    Stimulate the five senses in ways you don’t get in daily life for new emotions and a feeling of contentment. Off we go with Rinrin-san to find some kappa!

  • 03

    The thrill of crossing the handmade bridge.

    Feel the dirt

    Excited about where this path will take us.
    Walking over dirt and grass to make your own path.

  • 04

    Where are these kappa???

    Time to head back to the lodging.

    Will we get to see the Tono red-kappa river sprites?
    Believing is up to you.

  • 05

    Light the fire and time to cook.

    Finally got a fire.

    No fire – no food!
    But no matches or lighters??

  • 06

    Also learn about handling fire for cook in the case of natural disasters.


    It’s a great opportunity to hear from the owner Bun-chan who survived the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

  • 07

    Time to eat!

    Satisfied in both stomach and mind.

    Everything is done by hand.
    Outdoor goods by Bun-chan, enzyme drink by Rinrin-san.

  • 08

    Time to wander around town.

    There are so many great things to do in Tono!

    Go to the spots in town that are best that time of year.
    Eat, learn and pick up some souvenirs.