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Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

Travel Delicatessen Recommendations

​You’ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality, or `Omotenashi`.
You will meet interesting locals and have wonderful experiences only available at the Tono Travel Delicatessen.


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Half-day course

A mountain biking journey to go around shrines and temples collecting Goshuin stamps

This is an invigorating journey through the farming village by mountain bike. You can collect goshuin stamps at Tono Hachimangu Shrine, Fukusen-ji Temple and Rokkoushi Shrine.

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    Tono Travel Delicatessen

    Time for a different kind of journey!

    Walking time: 5 mins

    Pick up some travel ideas you can only find here. ll get access to places you normally can’t go, as well as experience a unique kind of Japanese hospitality or omotenashi.

    ■Location:Tono Travel Delicatessen
    ■Time:half day per person
    ■No. people: 2~4 people
    ■Cost: 8000 yen

  • 02

    Tabinokura Tono Tourist Information Center

    First the guide will take you through how to use the mountain bikes and other things to be careful of.

    Time to go!

    Get your MTB at the rental bike shop.
    Make sure you stretch and warm up properly, and ride safely.

  • 03

    Enjoy the views

    Approx. 30 mins (8kms)

    Take rests whenever you need to.
    Just call out.

  • 04

    Fukusen-ji Temple

    Approx. 40 mins (approx. 10 kms)

    Fukusen-ji Temple
    A temple of the Shingon sect that was opened in the first year of the Taisho era. Here you will find the largest wooden carving of Kannon, the Buddhist god of Mercy in Japan. The temple is famous as a won-derful place to see azaleas and cherry blossoms in spring, and then the fall leaves in autumn.

    ■Location:Matsuzaki-cho, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:30 mins

  • 05

    Rokkoushi Shrine

    Approx. 30 mins (approx. 10 kms)

    Rokkoushi Shrine
    This is the rear shrine located on the summit of Mt. Rokkoushi. Here you can get the Goshuin stamps on hop-made Japanese paper.

    ■Location:Aozasa-cho, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time: 30 mins

  • 06

    Tono Hachimangu Shrine

    Approx. 10 mins (approx. 3 kms)

    Tono Hachimangu Shrine
    The Gongensama from legend No. 110 is enshrined here, and you can worship the Gongensama at the front of the shrine on January 15th each year. The goshuin stamp here is stamped on Japanese paper made from hops, with a different design each month.

    ■Location:Matsuzaki-cho, Tono, Iwate
    ■Time:30 mins

  • 07

    Arrive at the Tabinokura Tono Tourist Information Center Finished!